Join World Help in offering a night of Freedom for girls in Bangkok and Pattaya.

This year we have the chance to host a night of freedom for these women who work in the bars.  We will be able to invite 260 girls to attend this special event.

This night of Freedom allows these women who work in factories during the day and the streets during the night to be in a safe and caring environment.

You see, these women work all day. Most of them have factory jobs from 9-5 and then come out to the bars and work through the night.  Poverty has driven them to these extreme lengths in order to provide for their families. They are trapped in what we call, “cultural slavery”.

So getting them to stop work for a night and attend our event can be challenging. Their time is important and very valuable to them. Each moment that ticks by is a moment they could be making money to send back home to their impoverished families.

So, in order to get them to our freedom night, we have to start at the ground level.  

First- we build relationships with these women. This step is crucial and it takes time.  All year, our Thai partner goes into these bars to visit women and really cultivate relationships with them.  Second, we offer them a choice. By inviting them to this night of freedom, they are given a choice of freedom. A choice of a life outside of the sex industry. And most importantly, we get to introduce them to Jesus. A crucial part of getting these girls to this freedom night is the fact that they will get to hear the story of Jesus- probably for the very first time.

This night is foundational to all that we do here in Thailand. I hope that you will join me in making this a reality for so many girls.

260 women.

That’s individual lives that could be forever changed.

Our goal is to raise $26,000 by October 31st. 

This amount will allow us to rent a space large enough to host these women, provide meals and gifts for them, and most importantly offer them a second chance.

For just $100 you can make it possible for 1 woman to attend this pivotal night.

This one night could be the turning point in her life.

 This one night could be the night that she says, “hello to freedom”.


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